Fiction Index

This is a list of all fiction published on this website.

Project Sumter

Project Sumter is a narrative universe focusing on the U.S. Government’s secret organization dedicated to discovering and managing talented individuals – which is to say, people with superhuman abilities.


Heat Wave

Chapter One: Dry Tinder
Chapter Two: Kindling
Chapter Three: Shooting Sparks
Chapter Four: Burnt Fingers
Chapter Five: Stirring the Fire
Chapter Six: Feed the Flames
Chapter Seven: Charging Up
Chapter Eight: Subtle Currents
Chapter Nine: Thermal Vision
Chapter Ten: Stray Embers
Chapter Eleven: The Wood Pile
Chapter Twelve: Raking the Coals
Chapter Thirteen: Fresh Fire
Chapter Fourteen: Crossed Wires
Chapter Fifteen: Short Fuses
Chapter Sixteen:Liquid Fire
Chapter Seventeen: Flash Point
Chapter Eighteen: Circuit Breaking
Chapter Nineteen: Charge and Resistance
Chapter Twenty: Power Drain
Chapter Twenty-One: Pressure Cooker
Chapter Twenty-Two: Tempering
Chapter Twenty-Three: Parallel Circuits
Chapter Twenty-Four: Slow Boil
Chapter Twenty-Five: Fire Drill
Chapter Twenty-Six: Final Connections
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Smoke Signals
Chapter Twenty-Eight: System Check
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Simmer Until Done
Chapter Thirty: Signal Static
Chapter Thirty-One: Blown Fuses
Chapter Thirty-Two: Fire and Rain
Chapter Thirty-Three: Firestorm
Chapter Thirty-Four: Firebreak
Chapter Thirty-Five: System Shutdown
Water Fall
Chapter One: Dark Desks
Chapter Two: Ashes to Ashes
Chapter Three: Three Way Switch
Chapter Four: Solid Grounding
Chapter Five: Shaky Evidence
Chapter Six: Cold Greetings
Chapter Seven: High Voltage
Chapter Eight: Pointed Questions
Chapter Nine: Shock and Awe
Chapter Ten: Live Wires
Chapter Eleven: Cold Leads
Chapter Twelve: Hot Air
Chapter Thirteen: Loose Wires
Chapter Fourteen: Echoes and Avalanches
Chapter Fifteen: Shaking Earth
Chapter Sixteen: Frogs in the Pot
Chapter Seventeen: Crumbling Foundations
Chapter Eighteen: High Resistance
Chapter Nineteen: Ocean’s Currents
Chapter Twenty: Seismic Shock
Chapter Twenty One: Cracks in the Dam
Chapter Twenty Two: Sprouting Leaks
Chapter Twenty Three: Waters Rising
Chapter Twenty Four: Outpouring
Chapter Twenty Five: Still Waters
Chapter Twenty Six: Running Deep
Chapter Twenty Seven: Breaking the Levy
Chapter Twenty Eight: Flood Waters
Chapter Twenty Nine: Hydroelectric
Chapter Thirty: Cauldron Boiling
Chapter Thirty One: Raging Rapids
Chapter Thirty Two: Storm Surge
Chapter Thirty Three: Swept Away
Chapter Thirty Four: Ebbing Tide

Short Stories:

#63 – Part One, Part Two
Trial By Winter
Memorial to a Saint

The Divided Future

Spanning nearly four hundred years from the present day into the far future, this is the story of humanity in an empty universe, struggling to resolve it’s own eternal conflicts against a backdrop of strange technology and far away places. It’s roughly divided into three eras, the New Ice Age, the Interplanetary Age and the Extrasolar Age.

The New Ice Age

Short Stories:

Emergency Surface
Code Red – Part One, Part Two

The Extrasolar Age

Short Stories:


Weavers of the Heartlands

Weavers are a strange group of people – philosopher, manual laborer, magician and businessman. They know and manipulate the connections between things like none other, but always with the danger of leaving things so far out of place the patterns don’t just bend, they break.

Short Stories:

Shadows and Brightmore – Part One, Part Two
Keeping Sharp

Endless Horizons

Stories of other Earths, and the people who inhabit them. There are as many of these worlds as there are thoughts in your mind, and to explore them all would be the work of an entire civilization’s lifetime.

Short Stories:

The Doyen and the Dragon
The Doyen, the Bear and the Portal – Part One, Part Two
A Doyen in the Hand

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