Nonlinear Writing Pt.4

An example of this is actually in Heat Wave. I wrote the bulk of Circuit’s phone call to Sumter HQ before writing most of what lead up to it. In the original draft, Circuit wasn’t in the van at all, he had purposefully gotten out in a fairly remote location to prevent causing any kind of electrical problems in the van. However, that didn’t really work right, for a number of reasons, and I wanted to show what he was doing while he was on the phone, for a number of other reasons (notice the deliberate vagueness to avoid spoilers!) When the time came to actually knock that portion of the story into shape and post it I had to completely rewrite the background action, because Circuit’s circumstances were much different than what I had been planning when I wrote the scene the first time. Fortunately, most of the dialogue was still viable and I didn’t have to change that much at all.

Part Three


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