One Year!

What do you know! I’ve officially been on the interwebs and making regular posts for one year. That’s quite an achievement if I do say so myself (and I do 🙂 ).

It’s been a rough ride, what with me slowly figuring out how all the buttons and knobs on WordPress work and publishing an entire novel online. I’ve slowly put together a routine and marshaled a decent following. In fact, just last weekend I hit 50 people who follow via WordPress – here’s a shout out to Nhan Pham of Nhan-Fiction, customer number 50! Thanks for following.

The two most active followers would probably be renxkyoko, who appears to share my love of the manga Skip Beat, and L. Palmer, who looks at the world in a wonderfully quirky way. Thanks to them, and all the other people who have signed up for e-mail following or just stalk me via WordPress. I hope to be able to continue writing for many years to come.

P.S. After the initial writing of this on Friday the 29th of August, the fast-changing nature of the Internet came into play – by which I mean that I picked up a new follower. Welcome Marcela Cava Balsa! Hope you enjoy the show.


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