Original Art: Thunder Clap

So I love drawing and I love writing. It’s inevitable that I would try and illustrate the cover to one of my books, right? Even though it’s more a collection of blog posts than a book right now. In fact, it’s basically just one blog post. But still, I doodle. So here’s what I think the cover of Thunder Clap could look like:


See? Isn’t that cool?! Is Helix throwing that shadow? Is it Circuit looming ominously over him as he channels lighting to his nefarious will? Did I just use nefarious in an unironic fashion? Who knows?!

Well, okay I do but I plan to explain that as Thunder Clap unfolds over the next several months. In the mean time, hope you enjoy!


Original Art: Hydroelectric

Been playing around with the pen and ink again! This time around I employ the artist’s right to tinker with things to make a better picture – the astute viewer will note that the picture below is not remotely like anything that happens in Water Fall, although it’s meant to encapsulate the raid on Chainfall in a single image.


Circuit at top left. From left to right along the bottom we have Frostburn, Helix, Coldsnap, Samson and Massif.

I played around some more with the water and I’m more satisfied with it than I was when I did last time it came up. I still feel the white/black/gray balance is a bit off here and the “trees” in the top right don’t look quite right. Bob Ross made it look so easy…

But art is never perfect and that goes for the visuals as well as the written word.

Original Art: Circuit Over Michigan Avenue

Time for another display of original art! If you’ve been following Water Fall at all you know that the Michigan Avenue Proclamation is a major plot point. If you’ve ever wondered what that looked like, wonder no longer, for the answer is here!


The composition here isn’t everything I wanted it to be. The black/gray/white ratios aren’t everything I could want. I painted the concrete display case black hoping that would make the image pop better but, in the end, it’s not all I hoped. I thought about adding some tone to the background, but I was worried that would muddy the image more. Still, here it is, hope you enjoy.

Original Art: I’ve Seen The Sun







If you haven’t listened to the new album by Five Iron FrenzyEngine of a Million Plots, then today’s post will not make a whole lot of sense, since it’s a drawing inspired by the song “I’ve Seen The Sun” from that album. Of course, you might be able to enjoy it anyways…


Who’s that holding the umbrella? Probably Jack’s smirking revenge.

Yeah, all this makes more sense if you’ve listened to the album. So what are you waiting for?

Original Art: Solomon ben Gideon

As I do every so often, I come to you today to share a little piece of art from my very own pen. Today we feature Solomon ben Gideon of Terra Eternal. (He’s from this story.)


Now if you’ve read The Doyen and the Dragon you know what’s going on here – Mons is a Soul of One, a group of the same person from parallel worlds trained to work in tandem.  That’s why there’s three of him in this picture! Of course, he didn’t wear a mask in that story. The mask is saved for when they’re in public places, not out on the side of mountains. Souls of One tend to cause a stir when they show up in heavily populated areas. The masks at least mark them as official people – although in some ways that’s just as unsettling…

Anyway! As always, click the image if you want to see it larger, and remember to enjoy!


Original Art: Helix Is Unhappy

It’s been a while since the last Original Art section but hopefully this makes up for it! It’s a shot of Helix on his way to the high point of the Heat Wave storyline! Can’t say much more than that if I want to avoid spoilers for the new readers, so enjoy:


He’s not happy, Bob. Not. Happy.

As always, click to enlarge. Cheers!

Original Art: Amplifier

I decided to be lazy* this week and post another page from my sketch book. This week’s subject: Amplifier, in her typical civilian dress (as opposed to her Biker Girl persona.)


*for values of lazy that include doing things that are actually more time consuming than what I would usually be doing in this spot.

Introducing Original Art!

One of the things I do almost compulsively, aside from write, is doodle. Perhaps inevitably these two wind up intertwined, as I find myself doodling the characters characters I write about. I thought you might like to see some of these drawings, so I thought I put one of them up here every once in a while and see what you think.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what Circuit looks like when he gears up for some havoc it might ease your mind to know it’s something like this:


Click for full size image.


Or maybe that’s no comfort at all.

See you Friday!