Vacation Time!

Hello dear readers,

As you may have guessed by the title of this post I am once again on vacation. While I had originally hoped to have a story post for today things just haven’t gelled. Rather than rush a post now and play catch up for the next month or two I’ve decided that, since there’s no ongoing storyline to interrupt, I’m going to take this week off and come back next week hopefully refreshed and ready to start Thunder Clap. In the mean time there will be a short housekeeping post on Wednesday and your regularly scheduled post on Friday. Enjoy!



A Brief Pause for Out-of-Townness

I will be out of town this week, and since it will make both updating this blog and writing new content more difficult I’ve decided to put it on hiatus until I return. If you’ve been looking forward to the Nate Chen Publications Short Story Extravaganzaâ„¢ don’t fear! It will begin on Monday, June 24th.

See you then!